Liz Crosby instructor picFell in love with the ocean as a young girl. Fell in love with yoga as a young woman. Always an apt pupil of understanding the rhythms of life. Discerning the ways of being that are in sync with what is the highest and best good.

Learning to love all beings, seeing the Self in all beings, learning to be infinite love. Devoted to releasing karmas through sadhana. Rewriting her story into alignment with her highest Self.

Learning necessitates teaching and teaching opens up the opportunity for more learning. This knowledge must be shared with anyone and everyone at all interested in awakening. Grateful to have incarnated in this time and space of great purging and coming into Being. Seeking out the ancient truths that have been forgotten.

Exploring the infinite depths of our capacity to love. Letting go of past and future, moving into the timeless present. Grateful to be here now.