Why do we practice yoga? Yoga is Union, in other words, cosmic sex with the Universe that you are. Sounds selfish, but turns out you need to be a little selfish to be selfless.

What is kundalini? It is not just a style of yoga. You are the entire Universe. When you practice yoga, you are allowing more and more cosmic energy to flow through your central axis. It just so happens to feel absolutely blissful.

Our capacity to run energy directly correlates with how much space we can hold in our field of consciousness. To optimize our ability to hold space, we balance strength with flexibility, which are associated with masculine and feminine aspects respectively.

Energetic sex will become the preference, but our capacity to experience pleasure during physical sex is significantly amplified as we continue to actively participate in our evolution of being. Openness around the nerve endings allows more receptivity to the sense of touch. Each nerve becomes more acutely aware. Central core strength allows for the conduction of the sensation of the orgasm up the spine.

The orgasm can be seen as a barometer of how much energy can be conducted and for how long. In this way, the orgasm can be used constructively to understand how well energy is flowing, and thereby know one’s work.

Over time, so much energy gets flowing, the sex act may not be necessary to illicit a kundalini arousal. The sex act may sap the practitioner of energy that they may prefer to use for their devotional practice as the practice in it of itself becomes so blissful (it is cosmic sex with the universe after all).

The sex act may become so pleasurable that the blissful sensations that came about because of it may satiate cravings for weeks, even months. There’s also this thing called kundalini sex, but that merits its own blog post and youtube video.

Let’s talk about what happens when we get it up. The Shiva Lingham is infinite, we can always run more energy. Heart expansions yield feelings of the most pure ecstasy. It literally feels like an orgasmic wave ripples out in every direction from the heart space outwards.

When third eye activates, we get the psychedelic experience and start to see through the various dimensions of our existence. It allows us to see the distortions in the field so that we can understand them and clear them. As crown opens and connects the practitioner to unity consciousness, we can send the distortions up and release them.

With Mer-Ka-Ba activation the practitioner can astral project to different regions of their respective Universe and fully comprehend how stagnation in the field, when allowed to persist, causes distortion. Everything is happening now, past lives and future lives can be accessed for reaffirmation of metaphysics.

This is worth disclosing because each and ever karma, every little morsel of stagnant energy feels absolutely blissful to release. In sending it, we receive the energy back in a higher vibration. You can feel it happening in real time as you practice. This makes the active participation in evolution playful, it doesn’t even resemble work at this point.

Balancing the masculine and feminine channels is crucial as it allows the cosmic energy to flow through. This is seen in our science too. The spine is like the electromagnetic spectrum. The electric or masculine harnesses the energy through the sushumna channel. The magnetic or feminine opens us up to receive the energy up. Both must be equal otherwise the Shiva lingham is cock blocked.

These full body orgasms benefit all beings. As you raise your own vibration you also raise the collective vibration of the planetary grid, really the whole Universe. Withholding your own capacity to experience sexual pleasure is bringing all of existence down. Give yourself permission to feel more amazing than you’ve felt in lifetimes. It’s our divine birthright.

NO MORE DRAMA – Go figure, fully body orgasms would yield no more drama. Granted the physical movements necessary to get the breath up in there may be a little dramatic, the stagnant energy that causes drama in our behavioral patterns will be eliminated. Our acute awareness of our own stagnant energy that has yet to be cleared and that of others (empathy is innate) makes it easier to cooperate with each other as the same Self experiencing individual bodies with unique arrangements of gunas (elements).

More to come regarding the intricacies of the most delicious orgasms that kundalini can yield. Also… how to safe guard this energy because you will have to set stronger boundaries, this milkshake brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard. How to deal with dark nights of the soul (they will come up). How to work with the planetary bodies to furthermore understand stagnation in the field. And of course, kundalini sex. Literally infinite content, because we are infinite, and I will disclose as I continue to dive deeper into this “kundalini research,” I love my job 🙂


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