New Moon

The astral body of sacral chakra is the moon. This is not implying that the moon should be worshipped. The moon effects the emotional body like the ebb and flow of the oceanic tides. Not coincidentally, sacral chakra is associated with emotions and water.


The lunar phases of the moon create a degree of relativity. If the practitioner is aware of the transition across the spectrum from new to full and back again, he or she can utilize the spectrum gravitational pull the moon yields to isolate stagnant energy in the emotional body.

Emotions are energy in motion. When the ego identifies with and becomes attached to limiting thought forms, which inherently go against the only constant change, a clump of energy forms in the electromagnetic field. These stagnations themselves become as satellites orbiting around the central channel pulling cosmic energy out of the sushumna.

This is what they mean when they say “don’t let anything steal your AUMs.” Stagnation creates distortion in the field, or waves. Our task as yogis is to slow the turnings of the mind. Clearing the field necessitates karma yoga, or action.

In this way, awareness of the lunar phases can deepen the devotees practice. the New moon can induce hyper sensitivity as the physical body experiences more gravitational pull. The stagnation makes itself apparent as the energetic vortex causes the distortions to flare up.

Through creative movement inspired by the breath, the yogi can surf oxygenated blood flow into the spaces that are calling in reactivation in the electromagnetic field. It is worth noting, as we currently reside in Kali Yuga – Age of Devolution/Distortion – that those not using this hypersensitivity for clearing purposes may be easily triggered and volatile during full or new moons.

Come off it Shiva, you know who you are. Shiva has a crescent on his forehead because the moon is a significant asset in destroying the limiting thought forms pervading in tnewmoon2he system which hold us in lower vibrational frequencies. Every practice, the practitioner destroys all of the possible worlds in which those stagnant energies would have been permitted to continue causing illusion of separateness and subsequently suffering.

The new moon is a good time for setting alignment in posture. The extra gravitational pull lends itself nicely to finding the most efficient anatomical structures and stabilizer muscle engagements necessary for holding space. The added friction also enhances the depths of heart consciousness expansion as there will undoubtedly be more heat yield for melting into yin postures.

Purging is a natural happenstance as the body is the intermediary for every dimension of our existence. Alignment is the key to divinity, and with the more efficient alignments, the inefficient alignments creating distortion, distraction, deviation, are cleared from the field of consciousness. We are Shiva, destroyer of all possible worlds in which these illusions of separateness were permitted to exist.

This is how we can assuage tensions about the “end of the world.” The current paradigm is dying a slow death as humanity remembers how to properly maintain the human body vehicle and transversely the microcosmic map of the Universe. The apocalypse is not marked by an actual temple structure being destroyed, but the reconstruction of the temple that is the body.

The moon is not to be worshipped, but rather used as an instrument for divine attunement. It works most effectively if you “Practice for a long time, without break, and in all earnestness.” -Yoga Sutra 1.14






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