Yoga is cosmic sex with the Universe. Not coincidentally, SEX sounds like the number SIX. There are six toroidial flows/energetic wheels/chakras in the physical body to connect so that energy can stream through the sushumna – central channel of the electromagnetic field. If you are human, you will benefit from this knowledge.


The physical body is the intermediary for every dimension of our existence. The gunas are the ways in which energy flows through nature. Energy is truth, the language of the Universe. Our physical bodies perfectly catalogue all of our thought forms. Yogis fall in love with the process of rearranging their gunas into higher and higher vibrational frequency alignments. Everything is energy, everything has consciousness, therefore it follows that as we clear stagnation from the microcosm, the macrocosm also rises in vibrational frequency. Albert Einstein proclaimed, “choose your vibrational frequency,” rearranging our gunas is how we go about doing precisely that.


The tamas gunas are earth (root chakra) and water (sacral chakra) elements. The tamas gunas cause illusion of separateness when they are in disarray. They serve as informants, letting us know how to navigate so as to shine light upon darkness. The root of all suffering is avidya, ignorance of our oneness, literally dark spaces in the electromagnetic field that do not regularly see the light of solar plexus. Mula bandha is the energetic ring formed between root chakra and sacral chakra by firming the pelvic floor muscles at the top of the inhalation.


The rajas gunas are fire (solar plexus) and air (heart chakra) elements. These elements are invoked to rearrange the tamas gunas. We cannot still the mind by jumping to the end and sitting in seated meditation. Activity is necessary to clear the field, or shine light upon the dark spots that inherently cause the mind to whirl. The fire is stoked with air and then carried throughout the cardiovascular system as the practitioner holds sacred geometric form, asana. All psychic nadis originate in solar plexus because we cannot gaze inwards without a light to see.

The fire releases the water element of sacral chakra, wetting the earth element, making it possible to shape shift so that the breath can travel into new space and reactivate the energetic body. Uddiyana bandha is the energetic ring formed between solar plexus and heart chakra by firming the navel towards the spine and kissing it up towards the heart space at the bottom of the exhalation, sending the stories the body has to tell up to the sattvic gunas for processing.


The sattvic gunas are sound (throat chakra) and light (brow chakra) elements. These elements are instrumental in processing the distortions created by the tamas gunas in misalignment. Without witnessing the illusion of separateness, the shadow that they cast upon every dimension of our existence (all future and past lives happening now) the distortion persists. This is why it is crucial to practice nonattachment, disidentifying with the thought forms as they are the byproduct of the tamas gunas in disarray, witnessing as the observer, meditating.

Jalandhara bandha is the ring that is formed between these two elements by tucking the chin and extending energetically up through crown. Lesser known is jiva bandha, which is the pressing of the tongue up towards the roof of the mouth so as to redirect the current of air up to third eye for processing. The breath serves as a film reel, and also the soundtrack to the image delivered as the back of the throat is constricted for ujjayi pranayama.


Isha is short for ishvarapranadanat, which means devotion to God/Infinite Source Creator/All That Is/Existence. As the tamas gunas are rearranged by the invocation of the rajas gunas and subsequently witnessed by the sattvic gunas, the central channel is cleared permitting the conduction of kundalini, cosmic energy, up through crown chakra (thoughts) which benefits our shared reality. The microcosm inherently effects the macrocosm. Indeed there is no separation. The external reality that we interact with is a direct reflection of the state of the electromagnetic field.


There’s no unplugging from the matrix. Instead we must acknowledge that we are a part of it, and take upon ourselves the task of reprogramming this field of consciousness. If you are reading this from a human body, it is your divine purpose to love your human body alchemically in full awareness that you are the entire universe. The paradigm shift between Kali Yuga and Satya Yuga is already happening as yogis around the world breath life force energy into ever expanding realms of consciousness, illuminating their microcosms.

The mask that is being torn away from the corruption behind capitalism, materialism, corporate greed is a directly related to the collective consciousness ascent in vibrational frequency. Begin now, wherever you are, whatever arrangement of gunas you happen to be working with. Find joy in the work. See the work as play. We are the Universe at play. Don’t lose your energy remaining attached to the old paradigm. The atrocities and injustices of the world will fall away like dead snake skin. Trust in the process.

Remember not to worship Ganesha as something outside of the Self. You’re it, you’re Ganesha. You are the ruler of your gunas. Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles because as you rearrange your gunas into higher and higher vibrational frequency you subsequently remove the obstacles in your auric field causing the kundalini to deviate from the central channel. Only when we relearn how to integrate this knowledge into practice will we be able to connect to divine wisdom, connect kundalini from root to crown.¬†










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