Kundalini Revolution

With the pending presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, the truth of our maltreatment of our spines is staring us back in the face. There is nothing to fear, so long as we respond with love and begin our work in reconstructing the temple, taking care of the human body. Aligning ourselves with mother earth’s rhythms, we will witness the evolution of a new human, and subsequently a new earth.

What is kundalini? Kundalini is everything. You are the Universe, you only give yourself what you can handle. Although kundalini is firing all the time, most are not aware of it because their spines can only handle a limited amount of kundalini conduction.

Our energy travels through the spine and projects out through crown into our external reality. The entirety of your external reality is a reflection of your internal reality. If you know how to read the matrix, you can successfully reprogram your body-mind complex so that you can experience an abundance of kundalini conduction. We’ve got to let go of the blame game and own our own stuff.

human torusFiring in massive amounts, kundalini can be a supremely blissful experience. However, if it fires prematurely, before the practitioner falls in love with the alchemical process of realigning the kundalini through the central channel, it can be rather uncomfortable and/or cause spiritual ego to inhibit the growth process. This is why it is so important to ‘make the body a fit vehicle for the spirit” using the rajas gunas – transformative elements – fire and air. 

The heart puts out an electromagnetic pulse shaped like a toroidial flow. The toroidial flow is like a donut with the donut hole missing. Our own planet puts out a toroidial flow as well. As we practice yoga, we are enhancing the conduction of energy through the donut hole, or the sushumna channel, our central axis in space.

The microcosm and the macrocosm are inextricably linked. With so many yogis practicing, the cosmic energy flowing through their microcosmic maps of the Universe into the shared reality is raising the vibrational frequency of the planetary grid. Kundalini is rising again and we are spiraling up quickly.

TORUS EARTHThis is why it is imperative that everyone become aware of the true nature of our identity, which is oneness. Science is reaffirming this. Look at the way the planetary bodies move themselves around the sun. Look at the way electrons flow around the nucleus of an atom. The human form is the missing link.

Sacred geometry is essentially the byproduct of light bouncing around in a sphere. Sacred geometry is seen in everything, living proof that the way energy flows translates into physical reality. Nature abhors a vaccuum. As we resist nature’s call for movement, stagnant energy builds up in our energetic field, and we receive environmental pressure to do our clearing work. 

The chakra system can be seen as the electromagnetic spectrum. Electric energy is masculine, solar, Ha, yang, sthira, intended to harness cosmic energy. Magnetic energy is feminine, lunar, Tha, yin, sukha, intended for receiving cosmic energy. The hermetic principle, “everything has a gender,” reaffirms this sentiment. It is this balance that we must relearn how to maintain in our own bodies in space.

It is work initially, as it takes effort to hold yourself in geometric forms, but that work is quickly rewarded. Kundalini has been likened to orgasms up and down the spine. Tantric yogis get pigeon-holed for being obsessed with the orgasm. The orgasm is the closest resemblance we have to the bodily sensations that kundalini gives us.

Tantrism is about expanding the orgasm. As you build strength in your central core with bandha engagement and awareness, as well as open up space to receive, you can experience orgasms in each and every one of the cerebrospinal centers jettisoning up through crown and then vibrating with all that is. Yoga is cosmic sex with the universe.

new humanThis is why we have nothing to fear. Each of us is a fusion power plant, so there is no doubt that each of us can make a difference in bringing about a more peaceful existence on planet earth. Within us is inner technology, that when activated, is more efficient than any form of communication we use outside of the Self.

Tesla showed us how to create free energy. The chakra system is much like a Tesla experiment. The currents flow both ways. The Egyptian pyramids (replicas of our inner technology) were created for producing power as well, their structure seen in Tesla’s experiments. In other words, we are free energy. 

The governing bodies, bankers, corporations, illuminati, free masons, etc. have known about kundalini and have intentionally sought to sabotage our chakra systems. They were quite brilliant in the ways they went about it too. We’re collectively suffering from centuries of mental conditioning. When we aren’t tuned into source, we are easy to control and manipulate, which makes us better consumers.

We are on the verge of witnessing the complete collapse of capitalism, materialism, corporate greed, polarization, etc. as we know it. As humanity remembers how to take back our power through solar plexus activation and breathing life force energy into every corner of the microcosmic map of the universe, we will reactivate the human form, in so doing shedding the layers of distortions that have been causing our existence on planet earth to spiral out of control.

We can thank the powers that be controlling us presently for doing so. They served a divine purpose in preventing us from using free energy in our external technology apparatus. Of course it is more profitable to keep us using inefficient means of energy exhaustion. It feeds into the distortion of separateness. In this way, you can see “them” as you fulfilling a divine purpose, reminding us to do our internal work.

Release the projected forecast of humanity from your psyche. As we relearn how to conduct kundalini energy through the central channel, we will bear witness to the greatest revolution in the history of our species on this planet. The siddhis are superhuman powers that we can collectively unearth through alchemy.

The siddhis are deserving of their own blogpost, but to put it succinctly, we will have a completely new way of living that will be conducive to living symbiotically with our planet. The deliverance of kundalini into our external reality will invoke a global healing. The old ways of being will fall away like snake skin.

Kundalini is the thread that connects them all. Kundalini is the physical embodiment of physics. Physics having originated from alchemy, the body is the philosopher’s stone. The alchemical process is energetic stigmata, the story of Christianity is an alchemical story. Each of us will reach buddhahood as we empty out the sushumna channel, through moving meditating creating emptiness. Kundalini even resonates with the likes of Nietzsche. Clearing out the sushumna channel, we will have the abyss that he so commonly referred to, nihilism/nothingness, but of course everything will flow through it. He asked what rituals we would come up wnew earthith, and I am here to say that we have found those sacred rituals.

This ascension process is a visceral experience. It’s time to get on board in loving the Self. Those that are actively participating in their evolution of being are raising the vibrational frequency. That energy will flow with more intensity through all of our chakra systems, bringing up each of our distortions to be witnessed in our external environment and then cleared in the internal environment.

Don’t lose energy to the world events happening presently. They are already a thing of the past as they are reflections of our misaligned kundalini energy. Focus on the task at hand, the divine mission we’ve all been entrusted with as caretakers of bodies, microcosmic maps of the universe. If you are reading this text, you have chosen to incarnate during the transit between Kali Yuga and Satya Yuga. We will succeed. Believe so fully that you rest in the knowing that we are reliving the memory of our future selves in highest alignment. 







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