When Mercury goes into retrograde it appears as though it is going backwards. Yes, it is an optical illusion, but so is everything as everything is made with light. It creates a degree of relativity as it goes into retrograde, that is very useful for clearing your energetic field. In this awareness there is reason to rejoice as alchemists, when Mercury goes retro.

Mercury creates an energetic vortex, which isn’t visible with the naked eye. This vortex effects the emotional body much like the tides of the ocean are effected by the transit of the moon in its orbit. Emotions are energies that have stuck together. They form into satellites revolving around the toroidial flow.

Stagnant energies in the energetic field make their presence known more vividly during a Mercury in retrograde as our inner nature projects into our external reality. Of course, the Mercury in retro is a bad thing if you are in denial of your oneness with all that is, because the mishaps that occur are really those stagnant energies in your energetic field calling in your attention for clearing. This is perhaps why people get such a hard time for blaming the Mercury in retrograde for things as though it were something outside of the self smiting the self.

The stagnations cause the energy to flow away from the central channel in the toroidial flow of your electromagnetic auric field. These distortions spill out of the fountainhead of your crown and reflect back at you in your external environment. We are all one body, currently remembering how to read the matrix of our collectively shared reality.

Not doing clearing work during the Mercury in Retrograde is like getting caught on the inside during a huge swell. The distortions keep spilling over into your outer body creating a washing machine of experiential reference points indicating where the illusion of separateness is held in your energetic field.

When you are practicing clearing as the various points of stagnation are triggered for you during the Mercury in retro, you can eliminate the entities using alchemy redirecting your energy through the central channel. The central channel, also called the sushumna, is like a tornado, whirl pool, or the spiraling pit of a wave. If you’re aware of how to work with these subtle energies, you’re essentially getting barreled if you remember how to work with these subtle energies.


We can clear our energetic field by activating the solar plexus whose element is fire. The fire element when released then releases the water element of sacral chakra (usually sweat results from core work or breath of fire). The water wets the earth element of root chakra, which then allows us to take new forms and send breath into new space.

By working with the elements and embodying sacred geometry we can reactivate the energetic body. The byproducts of reactivation of the energetic body are better than any product or sense-object gratification in third dimension. However, it does require practice. In yoga there is no seeking to become enlightened. Instead we find ecstatic joy while in the process of enlightening the energetic body.

In 2017 there will be no more excuses to deny the body mind connection. Each of us the owner and operator of his and her own parallel universe, will be asked to either take upon themselves the responsibility of loving the Universe, or suffer the consequences. There are so many human beings on the planet right now aware of this Universal truth that is oneness, and are furthermore acting upon this awareness to expand the heart’s consciousness in their respective microcosms.

Sometimes I wonder if yogis, contortionists, gymnasts, performers, etc. are aware of what they are doing. They are clearing their electromagnetic field and are inherently running a steady stream of kundalini energy which is amplifying the entire planetary grid. What this is doing is raising the vibrational frequency of our shared reality, so more cosmic energy is running with more velocity through our respective sushumnas, spines, projectors, eye of the needle, voids, channels, central axis, (whatever you want to call it).

Why do you think there were so many super moons this year? Five planets in retrograde? Biggest full moon in seventy years? AS ABOVE, SO BELOW GOES BOTH WAYS. Those humans on the planet practicing alchemy (consciously or subconsciously) have manifest these tremendous astral happenings. I also noticed a lot of those “celebrity deaths” all happened during a new moon, full moon, or mercury in retrograde (all of which effect emotional body).

I will continue to post as much information as I can regarding the purging process. Make no mistake, the Great Purge has begun. Let me know if there is a preferred conveyance of information, blog posts, videos, pod casts, etc. May those that are ready to fully engage in their work give themselves permission to love their own bodies like they haven’t been loved for millenia. Get excited, this transition is a really exciting transit to live through.




I am not interested in accumulating a lot of followers to boost my ego or even amass wealth for the purposes of gaining more materialistic experiences here in 3D. However, I am doing this for my health and here’s why. We are all one, there is no separation. Time and space do exist, but we are infinite, so we go back and play out each of and every role. Therefore I am you in another body, namaste. We cannot deny the reality of these bodies that we walk around in. Nor can we deny the reality of this shared dream landscape that we all reside in. My intention is to bridge the gap between the mind and the body so that we can live in harmony with Mother Earth again.

Some things are going to be different in 2017. I’d like to deliver this message to all who are ready. To those that aren’t ready to receive it, God is still with you and you will receive the teacher by way of direct experience. I will do my best to shed light on knowledge for you here, but it is up to you to integrate the information and embody it. We cannot transmute the connection to divine wisdom through external technology, we must actively participate in the reactivation of our inner technology.



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