In case you weren’t aware, we’re married! You may actually be married to someone else, but it’s all good, I’m married to your spouse too. I am also married to all inanimate matter.

A jolt of electricity surged up and down my spine. Feeling back into oneness, I felt into all of our most loving embraces. Remembering birthing you and being birthed by you, fulfilling every sacred soul contract in our many unique familial roles.

We’ve already created so many intricately beautiful storylines together. Everyone is a soul mate. Time and space don’t exist, we are all one, there is no separation. This marriage is more like a merger, I actually am you, and you are me.

It’s okay, you don’t need to get me a ring; I am the ring. Within my own body is my work, written in the spine. Embodying both masculine and feminine energy as I relearn to bend and not break. Rewriting the outdated programs, remembering how to hold space for constant ecstatic motion in every direction. Everything in external reality is a reflection of our internal reality. This is how you can decode the matrix, allowing it to work on your behalf so that you can isolate distortions in your field. Everything is everything, when this universal truth is understood, there are no more guessing games.

I should also mention that I’m also pregnant. Devoting all of my energy to creating a new world. With the firing of kundalini, I began to feel with the pain-body of our collective morphogenetic field. Mother Gaia commands that we show humanity a new way of being by re-birthing our Self.


We are parents of the whole universe! Loving this body that we’ve been gifted every moment in the way that it wants to be loved, exploring our multi-dimensional existence and growing into new space within and without. Opening up the sushumna channel like an expanding cervix, ensuring the safe delivery of kundalini, whilst inspiring others to do the same.

We cannot get divorced. Weary of when others sap my energy and inhibit my growth, I let them go, loving them from a distance and trusting in the grace of our beautiful process. Instead, I devote myself to fanning the flames of those that are eager and willing to find joy in this work. Trusting that those resisting will come around when they are ready.

THERE IS NO ‘TIL DEATH DO US PART. We are already dying unto every moment as we recreate ourselves every moment with light. Consciously aware of our true nature, we are here to help each other grow into closer alignment with Mother Nature and Father Sky (God is androgynous). Death is only a rebirth.

The time is now to embody our infinite potential. We can reverse the cycles of suffering that have run rampant on our planet. Our bodies are fusion power plants. Homer Simpson sat around eating donuts all day while working at the nuclear power plant. We will help each other eat out each other’s donuts (our auric field is shaped like a donut) to reactivate our fusion power plants (our own bodies).

I have received visions of Mother Earth thriving in diversity once again. The visions fade if my practice wanes, so I have learned to love the practice and remain conscious and aware all the time. Diving ever deeper, the body speaks to us with energy, piecing together all of the wisdom of our past lives reshaping our future lives by becoming more fully embodied in the here and now.

Humanity will know a love that it has never felt before, so potent and rich that we couldn’t possibly compare it to anything we’ve experienced for millenia. Shaking off the dust so that we can dance into every corner of our universe. Remembering we are infinite, we can continue to grow, the best is truly yet to come.

Our intentions are pure.

All thoughts to heaven.

I love you.

I am you.

We are one.



Sat Nam



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