This process of awakening involves the clearing of distortions in the sushumna channel, the eye of the storm that is our whole existence, eye of the needle, chakra system, tree of life, electromagnetic spectrum, as it is this portal of consciousness that connects us to unity consciousness. Everything is everything and everything is energetically interconnected with everything else. Yes, you are the universe, now what?

Free will exists in so far as we can consciously choose to allow the motes in our eye to persist or we can choose to destroy them sending them to source that they may be recreated in highest alignment. Awareness of how to work with the fire element will aid you in properly maintaining your universe. It’s no coincidence that will power is associated with solar plexus.

According to the sages, we cannot open up new channels for reactivating with the breath without burning out the blockages first. The fire is so important, though far too often misused. Abundance of fire without countering by creating space to breathe life into will block the cosmic flow in your channel. Contrary to popular belief tantrism is not dualistic. We need to balance the masculine energy with feminine energy using the heat to breathe life into new spaces.


So often we get fixated on the divine masculine meeting the divine feminine in two separate human bodies, when in reality the lovers are within and instead of dualism, tantrism emphasizes and expounds upon the balancing of the polarities throughout the chakra system so that the practitioner can get it on with the universe, not just one lover perceived outside of themselves. The tantric sex rituals are intended for the tamasic individual, someone suffering from ignorance of our oneness.

That’s not to say that the tantric sex rituals aren’t fun to revisit, but if you concentrate on connecting from root to crown you can actually expand upon the orgasm, riding the orgasm up the sushumna channel through crown and back around up through root chakra again orgasming with the whole universe. Can you see how fixating on the tantric sex rituals is limiting?

To be completely honest, when I remembered this, I felt so embarrassed realizing I had kundalini erectile dysfunction because I didn’t know how to use my core. As the kundalini starts to make its way up the sushumna temptations become more intense as is self evident by all of the sensitivity resultant from expanding consciousness and also awareness of how to use mula bandha. Firming of the pelvic floor will anchor you into mother earth’s energy, but it also will enable the yogi to experience prolonged orgasm. All thoughts to heaven, crown chakra, send that divine love yum up to your halo.


All of our power comes from our solar plexus. This is why the very center of the Vitruvian Man’s circle is his naval. According to the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, when a yogi practices samyama on solar plexus all of the universe is known to the practitioner. The body is the mind there is no separation. Neural pathways bear a striking resemblance to outer space. Even our modern day science has made the claim that the universe is more like a thought. 

You’re wandering aimlessly without activating solar plexus. Our psychic nadis (energetic channels) originate in solar plexus, which makes perfect sense because it provides the light with which to see. A guru is one who sheds light, the breath quite literally picks up the light of solar plexus so that the practitioner can see internally. This is vital for releasing limiting thought forms in your universe with conscious awareness, otherwise the low vibrational behavioral patterns persist.

You actually are the light that you seek. The solar plexus is commonly associated with the sun, but I like to think of it as the very center of your universe. The distortions get burned by the initial contact with the fire as it radiates and gets carried throughout the cardiovascular system by the breath. The breath takes the carnage back to the lungs where it is burned again by the solar plexus as it rises up to meet the heart space in uddiyana bandha engagement (firming the navel to the spine and up towards the heart space).


Jalandhara bandha engagement paired with jiva bandha engagement (chin lock and pressing the tongue into the roof of the mouth respectively) delivers the breath up to third eye for witnessing and processing. It isn’t an open third eye that determines whether an individual is awakened. However it is necessary that the third eye be open for witnessing and processing the information as it is released allowing the practitioner to open up their eternal eye, which can be opened ever more, of course, we’re infinite.

Yogis are not fixated on creating six pack abs, although ironically ab definition does manifest as you build a stronger connection to your CENTRAL core. Instead yogis are interested in channeling energy through the sushumna, in the physical body, this is conscious awareness of all core muscles primarily the transverse abdominus. The power radiates from core, sending the energy down to root and rebound the energy back up through crown, riding a liquid fire tube ride throughout the practice.

By maintaining awareness of the bandhas, or energy locks, the practitioner can keep this central channel lit throughout the practice. Embodying the divine masculine, so that the yogi can dance around their central channel, providing the structural support and heat to embody the divine feminine, constant ecstatic motion dancing around Shiva. I might add that Shiva is always on fire. He also puts all of the poison of the world into his throat symbolic of the importance of witnessing through sound as well as sight.


I like to think of maintianing this consistent stream of energy as the arch of the covenant. It allows the yogi to become an open conduit of energy between mother earth and father sky. We are all children of God, these two planes of energy always offering up their unconditional love for us, we need only to recognize it, and open ourselves up to receiving.

Our culture has a lot of fear surrounding the divine purpose of fire. I’d like to address these fears so that they can be transmuted into love. Satan is the deviations of kundalini energy from the sushumna channel. I’ve heard it said that the church tried to deceive us by saying that the third eye is the “mark of the beast.” I don’t believe they were trying to deceive us, I believe they were referring to all of the distortions that we are seeing when we gaze through third eye without using it to burn out what no longer serves. Ours is a society focused on what’s outside of ourselves, naturally we are labeled “consumers.” We believe we have free will when in reality we are catering to the distortions in our channel. Instead see these desires as humble servants showing you where there are deviations caused by energetic stagnation.

We create an internal fire to burn out the distortions that create desire for things outside of ourselves. When we don’t create this internal heat for purification, out attachment to maya the illusion manifests into a self created hell in our external reality as everything is temporal. When we do burn up the demonic entities pulling energy away from our central channel, we create for ourselves heaven on earth. You are your own creator. The choice is yours.









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