Headstand, Jalandhara Bandha, & Third Eye

These two asanas are known as the king and queen of asana. They both enhance the masculine and feminine attributes of throat chakra respectively as headstand strengthens and shoulderstand opens up the cervical spine. By practicing these poses not only will you boost your immunity, balance your endocrine system, and elevate you mood, but you’ll also activate third eye for observing and destroying the distortions.

Jalandhara Bandha is the chin lock, an energetic union between throat and brow chakra, and ought to be engaged to practice these asanas safely. I like to say it looks like Buddha in meditation. Imprint jalandhara bandha at the beginning of a practice to make the connection between heart and brow chakra as this energetic union is necessary for witnessing what you are releasing. It is also a nice way to conclude a practice as your body digests the transformations in savasana, the corpse pose.

The breath conveys all the information that you need to know acting as a film reel relaying the information to third eye, or the eternal eye. The breath travels throughout the cardiovascular system picking up the stories that the body has to tell. It is then redistributed back into the lungs, exhaled back up through the throat slightly constricted so that you can hear and feel its departure, ujjayi pranayama.

Engaging jiva bandha will redirect the current of air up into third eye for witnessing; this is the pressing of the tongue into the roof of the mouth. Gaze at the space between the eyebrows as you do so. You might be surprised at what you see. Remember to practice being the witness. You are witnessing the stories that the body has to tell regarding the origin of tension. The body is energy and energy doesn’t lie. Remember you are releasing on behalf of all of existence.

The fresh oxygenated blood flow helps to reactivate the pineal gland, which is thought to be a physical body part resemblant of an actual third eye in the brain. It excretes DMT, dimethyltryptamine, which is likened to the spirit molecule and is also the strongest hallucinogenic known to man. It occurs naturally within us, and it is meant to be released during a practice so you can witnesss what you are releasing, seeing through the many dimensions of your being.

The violet flame is commonly referred to amongst healers. As the distortions are destroyed they are burned up in sixth chakra whose color is violet. When your third eye starts to activate you’ll actually see this flame. Of course energy is neither created nor destroyed, which is why it is important to practice headstand, as it will open up crown chakra for the releasing of these distortions back to source. Remember to ask that they come back in highest alignment.

You may not see anything right away and that’s perfectly fine. I promise to keep giving away tips to activate third eye. The physical is the metaphysical. I had a lot of disbelief shrouding third eye, but I dove deep into my practice every day and eventually things began to appear. If your third eye is already active, this will continue to enhance your ability to see in alignment. I’m talking about this stuff because it needs to be discussed. We are on the brink of the Great Purge.

Keep practicing and growing into new space every day. Stay curious and inquisitive. We are all in this together. Love is the answer, and we are beginning to understand what that truly means as we remember how to actively participate in our evolution of being through alchemy and the embodiment of sacred geometry.





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