Hand and Foot Yoga



It is of utmost importance to open up the nadis, energetic channels, of the hands and feet. If these channels aren’t open, energy tends to get congested in these regions of the body. Energy releases predominantly out through the hands, feet, and crown. This is vastly apparent to surfers who wear booties, gloves and hoodies to preserve their body heat while surfing.

The arms and hands are connected to heart chakra. You’ll want to get the hands, wrists, and forearms open especially if you are planning on arm balancing or inverting. Even if you don’t intend to have an upper body intensive practice, it is still a good idea to love up on these parts of the body as down dog, plank, and chaturanga do require a good amount of weight distribution through the arms.

The feet and ankles are largely associated with root chakra (although any part of the body should be able to support the rest of the body as the foundation). These parts of the body are also in great need of opening before a practice. Clearing these channels will enhance grounding in standing postures. The sensitivity that opening these spaces gifts the practitioner are also very useful for inversions.

The hands and feet get largely neglected in yoga. Sometimes we fixate on the major joints of the body. Opening up these spaces can be intense if you’ve never worked to open them up before. It does eventually begin to feel lovely, probably because you can feel the effects of their opening long after you’ve worked to clear them. It may take some time, but eventually the practitioner becomes so energetically sensitive that they can feel streams of toxic energy releasing out through those spaces, and that is such a cool sensation!

As energy gets congested in these regions of the body, practice hand and foot yoga throughout your flow. If you practice yoga, you are a practicing energy worker. These energies want to be witnessed as they are released. The body and the mind are one. We are not just releasing tension in the physical body.

The tension has an origin in our thought-forms. It is my intention to help yogis become well-informed energy workers so that they can feel into the various dimensions of their existence with ease. If we are not acknowledging what we are releasing, it comes back to haunt us, and it diminishes the fun of the work we are doing! So remember to get your hand and foot yoga on 🙂

Loving you

We are one





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