Piercing the veil

In this era of information overload, we are beginning to assimilate all of the information and glean from it the necessary tools for our evolution of being. The occult knowledge of alchemical principles, once reserved for only a select few, can now be integrated into any yogi or yogini’s practice who is willing to absorb and understand the relevance of these so-called Hermetics. Remember to integrate this knowledge, because knowledge is only empowering if it is put into practice. You are the philosopher’s stone.

First of all, there is a misnomer regarding alchemy. Many believe the goal of the alchemist to change solid base metals into gold for the purposes of enhancing their material wealth. The external rituals are to remind the alchemist of what happens internally. However, you can see how science evolved from these external rituals. Case and point: Isaac Newton was an alchemist. Although they would practice on base metals, the true alchemist alchemylabremembered that his or her own body is the philosopher’s stone. This is also the danger of JHANA YOGA – yoga of the thinking man. The jhana yogi must remember that the knower and the thing to be known are both one; the body and mind are one.  

Science nerds rejoice! You are both the experimenter and the experiment. It’s so much more fun to embody chemistry, physics, geometry, thermodynamics, etc. This is precisely what we are doing as we practice yoga. We are igniting the fire of our solar plexus to burn away the impurities in our energetic field. The alchemist was believed to always have the fire going so as to burn out the impurities of his or her philosopher’s stone. Similarly, Shiva – in Hindu mythology – is said to be always on fire, purifying. Furthermore, in the second limb of Ashtanga yoga is the niyama (inward observance) sauca, which means purity.

alchemical sphereThe philosopher’s stone is the stone that is perfectly purified into gold. The alchemist endeavors to change the lead of the ego’s consciousness into the gold of the enlightened being. Pattabhi Jois – who popularized the physical practice of Ashtanga – claimed that we are boiling the blood into gold, as we practice raja yoga.The first two letters of AUM happen to be the symbol for gold on the periodic table of elements. Aum is also the bija mantra for ajna – brow chakra. Meditation on your third eye while practicing allows the practitioner to witness what they are releasing, which is an extremely effective way to purify.

Raja yoga is the yoga of realizing our divinity or royalty through self-discipline and practice. The rajas gunas elements – fire and air – are transformative. By creating a furnace within our own body with the fire of solar plexus (core activation) water is released (sweat is good!), which then wets the earth element. As yogis we can then anchor down into Mother Earth’s energy and transmit crystalline structures through asana (posture). You are literally drawing sacred geometric lines with your body and breathing life back into your energetic body. Starting to see how you are both the alchemist and the philosopher’s stone?

hermesThe word ALCHEMY comes from AL – KAMUT, which means OUT OF EGYPT. It is said that alchemy was gifted to the Egyptians by Thoth, better known to the western world as Hermes. The Greek’s adopted him into their pantheon, they loved his teachings so much. Hermes wields a cadaceus – the staff with two snakes, which is the most basic symbol of our energetic body. The staff is the sushumna channel, and the two snakes; masculine/solar and feminine/lunar energy. Yes… this is where we get the word “hermaphrodite.” He was also referred to as Hermes TRISMEGISTUS, meaning Master of the Masters. This is a direct reference to the mastery of one’s chakras or seals.

Thoth gifted humanity with the emerald tablets. Upon which are written his axioms, which have become well known phrases in our culture even today; “as above, so below,” “within, without,” “every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” etc.. They are intended to help the alchemist guide the serpent into alignment, casting it into the abyss that is our sushumna channel.

The first of seven principles as enumerated by Thoth is that of mentalism: 

Thoth“THE ALL is MIND; the universe is mental.”

This axiom is directly related to Patanjali’s second sutra of the yoga sutras:

“YOGA is the restraint of the mind modifications of the MIND STUFF.” 

Thoth’s axiom and Patanjali’s sutra remind us that absolutely everything is of the mind. The physical is the metaphysical, and the metaphysical is the physical. When the alchemist/yogi grasps this universal truth it becomes abundantly clear that everything is of our own creation. You are your own creator. According to yogic philosophy, we create with our thought forms, and our thought forms (crown chakra) are created out of light (brow chakra).

Thoth refers directly to the idea of karma in his sixth principle:

‘Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

Everything that occurs outside of us is a projection of our inner nature. Energy flows through the chakra system and projects into our outer reality. Avidya, ignorance of our oneness, is the root of all suffering. Our karmic baggage continues to effect our experience, pulling us this way and that, until we witness and release it.

Another perfect parallel between Thoth and yoga is that of the seventh principle: the principle of gender.

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

alchemical-sun-moonComing back to the idea of the cadaceus, the two snakes again are masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is solar in nature and electric. Feminine energy is lunar in nature and magnetic. The cadaceus then can be seen as the well-renowned electromagnetic spectrum, specifically the small increment that stands for ROYGBIV (the seven chakras/vortices/seals). Where the snakes intersect is where a chakra forms, an electro-magnetic whirlpool of energy.

This is why yogis strive to create strength and flexibility throughout the whole body.


A yoga posture is a steady (strength/masculine/solar) and comfortable (ease/feminine/lunar) posture.

-Patanjali Yoga Sutra 2.46

The strength building, done at the beginning of a practice, creates heat (solar energy) so that the practitioner may open up space in the body, receptivity, vulnerability (lunar energy). This is apparent in every yoga asana (posture). We are all androgynous beings energetically.

woman alchemistAlchemists strive to interpret the universal language. As we delve deeper and deeper into our respective practices, we will be able to connect kundalini energy from root to crown. In so doing, we will enable ourselves to connect to unity consciousness. Science has already reaffirmed the existence of a collective consciousness grid. It just so happens that many of these ancient pyramids are founded upon integral lay lines of this grid.

We’ve chosen a very exciting time to incarnate. We are transitioning from Kali Yuga – age of distortion, Idiocracy – into Satya Yuga – era of truth and enlightenment. The previously hidden occult knowledge has been made known to all beings via the internet. We need only to put the theories into action. The truth is making itself known. It’s incredibly ironic that our current widely accepted religion, science, was born out of a fixation upon the external rituals of alchemy. Our greatest hurdle is laziness; we’ve become so complacent in our fixation upon our external reality.  The technology that we are acquainted with now is remarkably primitive in comparison to the 5 billion dollar super computer that you currently reside in that is your body. The catch is, you have to move your body to access the upgrades. Burning away all of the impurities within, we will evolve into the philosopher’s stone, subsequently rewriting the collective matrix into divinity, bringing about the golden age we’ve been waiting for.









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