Yoga is not just a yogi thing, it’s a human thing. Every one of us ought to devote ourselves to a practice because it is the process of coming back home to Mother Earth. We’re the aliens, we never left the mother ship; we just alienated ourselves from her. This process of coming back home is so sweet. Mother Earth loves us so much, she graciously receives the energies we’ve been hoarding in our bodies. By loving our bodies with the breath, we are directly loving Mother Earth.

The spine is the antenna that connects us back to source. All of our worldly problems stem from the same origin, the disfiguration of our spine. Peacefully revolting against the prevailing distortions in our outer world by going deeply inwards and releasing them from within. We are orgasmic fusion power plants, we just forgot how to run the power plant that is our own body.

Everything outside of us is a projection of what is happening internally. The spine is the physical part of the body that correlates with our central channel of energy, the sushumna channel. As we bring things back into alignment, we allow more and more divine feminine kundalini energy to flow. It just so happens that this energy feels absolutely orgasmic. I can’t keep quiet about it anymore. I want this for everyone! It’s our divine birth right as humans to feel this amazing!


The revolution has already begun as many have already begun reconstructing the sushumna channel for the deliverance of kundalini energy through crown. Everything is created from our thoughts. The body and the mind are one; the physical is the metaphysical. We cannot think our way back into enlightenment. We must embody the divine feminine and move with the breath. Heaven on earth is a possible world that we can and will usher into existence through the cosmic dance between spirit and matter.

We are androgynous beings energetically. Learning to embody both masculine and feminine energies is crucial. Masculine energy helps us to harness and conduct energy from Mother Gaia. It also heats up the body for reformation. Feminine energy makes us receptive and vulnerable, poised for receiving. If you have too much masculine energy, you’ll block yourself off from receiving kundalini energy. If you have too much feminine energy, you won’t be able to harness energy up your spine. This is why yogis strive to create strength and flexibility throughout the whole body. When this truth is understood, there are no more guessing games, our work lays before us, within us.

Everything that we release must pass through fire first. Burning away impurities to create space for divine feminine energy is a necessity. Learn to love the heat you create from core activation. As you are burning away impurities, you’re simultaneously burning up all of the instances in which those illusions of separateness caused pain and suffering in our shared humanity and rewriting the future of humanity. Remembering this truth makes core work so yummy.


The breath is your guru, literally meaning “one who shed’s light.” The air element dives straight into the fire of the solar plexus and then travels throughout the cardiovascular system shedding light from the solar plexus on our inner darkness, and reactivating energetic channels. This is why only you can be your own guru. Only you can die unto the distortions manifest as physical tension and breathe life back into the deepest darkest depths of your universe.

Let the breath guide you like Inigo Montoya’s sword in Princess Bride. We’ve been collectively holding onto the post traumatic stress from living in hierarchical systems for centuries, and that is precisely what we’re releasing while practicing/dancing with the breath. Give into the infinite source of creative intelligence that is your breath. Let it move you into the shapes that make your body most receptive to breath, for your benefit and the benefit of all beings. Give yourself over to authentic expression of the breath, and disown your creativity, handing the reins over to Krishna.

The breath reveals our true history; tuning into the divine wisdom of the heart space. By giving all of your focus to the breath you can consciously witness what it is that you are releasing. Every body is unique, so every person’s practice will be different respective to the various limiting thought forms that their physical frame happens to be holding onto. It is through the spirit that we can connect the mind and body, feeling back into the truth of oneness. The breath will drop you into the eternal present moment, which is in it of itself absolute bliss.


Consciously witness what you are releasing in your practice by gazing at your third eye. The breath is like a film reel. Ujjayi pranayama channels the breath up the throat creating a sound, which allows us to witness. Everything is vibrations, and these energies will not depart unless they are witnessed as such. Jiva bandha, tongue lock, channels the stories you are releasing up into your third eye so that you can witness visually. Just start looking. Things may be blurry at first. Lately I’ve been witnessing sacred geometry, supernovas, fractals, and higher consciousness beings. It’s way better than the entertainment we occupy ourselves with in 3D.

The third eye is a window into the state of your body/mind/universe. You are infinite, so ask to witness what you are releasing in the present moment. True forgiveness is the process of realizing our oneness. You are every person that has every committed a transgression or been victimized. The breath will take you on a journey of realization, helping you to understand why others did the things that they did to you. As soon as it is released energetically. You are nature. When space is created, a vacuum effect occurs. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it comes back to us in a different form. Call in highest alignment, and ask infinite source creator what that feels like so you can resonate with its frequency.

We are both light and shadows. Love it all, because it is all love. As you shine light on your inner darkness, express love and gratitude by acknowledging the lessons the dark has taught you. Without comprehensive awareness of how the dark has served us, the same lessons are delivered again and again until we learn. Experience is the best teacher, but remember you are infinite and all of the lessons taught to you in the past are recorded in your tissues. Energy never lies.


You are the philosopher’s stone, and it is the philosopher’s stone that will dismantle the corporate greed governing the planet presently. Remembering that we are one eternal soul, we can recall our past lives as Christ, Buddha and Krishna. Putting the theories into action, we must actively participate in our evolution of being to put an end to the suffering by remembering the truth of our oneness. Giving to receive, anchoring down into Mother Gaia to embody sacred geometry through asana (posture), carving out space in our energetic field to create space for the divine serpent to travel all the way up to crown. You have within you all of the keys for unlocking your infinite potential.

This revolution is global. The revolutionaries are lovers, loving their own bodies up with the breath, expanding the heart’s consciousness into unity consciousness. What will happen when all of humanity becomes kundalini activated? We will treat others as we wish to be treated because we will feel into our oneness. We will treat Mother Earth with love and compassion as we will feel into oneness with her too. Our kundalini energy conduction could also be a more potent power source than the ones we’ve become reliant upon. Our siddhis will be revealed.

When my body is exploding with full body orgasms, the electric currents of light fixtures and speakers at concerts is interrupted. This has happened multiple times at music festivals, ecstatic dances, concerts, and during yoga classes. I’ve only been practicing diligently for around 3 years. Anything is possible. I believe in us! I cannot hoard this knowledge, as I know that the integration of it will help us to evolve into the people we were born to become. Take whatever resonates with you. I promise to keep expounding upon these universal truths, using my own vessel to investigate further, diving deeper and deeper into the heart space for the benefit of all of humanity, ishvarapranadhinat. I’ve found my soul’s purpose, eternally grateful.


It’s already happened. We’ve already risen from the ashes and re-emerged into the golden age we’ve been waiting for, returning back to Eden as enlightened beings. We are reliving the memory of our awakening. Enjoy the ride. Loving you always and forever, in the knowing that I am you, we are one. 




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