SACRAL CHAKRA: Making Love to the Universe


Sacral chakra is the element of water. Rivers of fluids continuously move through the body, are ingested and excreted out of all orifices. Water is a quintessential part of life. It rehydrates the body, but also serves to cleanse. The astral body for this chakra is the moon, who’s interaction with the water on our planet cradled life in its infancy on our planet.

sacral chakra

Sacral chakra is associated with the emotional body, emotions always swimming out and in. Just as the physical body must draw in nutrients as well as release, the emotional body must feel nurtured and release too. We cling on to so many emotions without even realizing it, carrying them with us in the emotional body.

The emotional body is the first layer of our energetic field or aura. You may not see it, but you are definitely aware of it. Being able to pick up on others’ emotions is a very useful skill that each of us has. Each of us has clairsentience. Each of us feels empathically with others, if not consciously, subconsciously. We live in a sea of energy, our emotional bodies can be like emotional sponges, so evolving awareness to navigate these fields of energy is crucial.

As we move up from the deeply embedded primordial fears of root chakra, we are confronted with desire in sacral chakra. With just root chakra we had one, and now suddenly we have two, but in reality we still have one, one is just a reflection of one. And so this fluid dance begins as one reflects itself. It’s when we forget that we are the same Self reflecting itself that desire emerges. We begin to want something outside of ourselves, which is forgetfulness. This is why our process of awakening is a process of remembering.

All of our wants, our likes and our dislikes are stored in Svadhisthana. In Sanskrit, Svadhisthana can mean “one’s abode” or “seat of the Self,” referring to kundalini energy, which has a tendency of getting trapped here by our desires. Desires are energetic distortions in our emotional body. The physical body may be completely open, but if you still carry with you emotions, you are blocking your kundalini energy.

Svadhisthana is also translated as “sweetness,” referring to when blockages are released and we allow ourselves to feel into our oneness. When we release illusions of separateness, kundalini energy is permitted to move up the spine. We are already one, we are already energetically connectedBuddha statue, there is infinite potential for energy transference, which is why it is important to gradually remember. Might as well enjoy this foreplay with the universe, our love is infinite after all. Releasing in this chakra can be so sweet.

In Buddhism, the four noble truths state that all suffering is caused by desire. According to yogic philosophy, all suffering is caused by avidya, or ignorance. Ignorance of our oneness is a created belief system of separateness, which is a distortion of our truth. We do not ever need to desire anything outside of ourselves, because we are infinite beings, all that we need is within.

I had a difficult time believing that one at first. How could everything we need possibly be within? Love is not a bargain. When we give love to someone expecting love back in return we are not loving from a place of pure love. It’s not our fault, but all of us are incapacitated in this way. We are not shown how to love ourselves. It takes work to learn to love yourself fully. As we open up the hips we allow more energy to flow up the spine as we can root down through our sit bones more effectively. It’s no coincidence that Buddha is often depicted seated in lotus.

As we practice, we take an honest look at ourselves. Looking at ourselves from every single perspective and loving ourselves for our own unique being. We must also remember that we are all one, so all emotions are collectively shared by all. This part of releasing in this chakra takes great courage. We must feel into all of the emotions ever felt by humanity. We must be willing to embrace change to allow for the evolution of our being.

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. When we send energy, it is sent back to source, but it is then returned back to us in a new form. This is absolutely crucial that you apply this to your practice. Remember that as you release, you can call in the infinite best possible form for this energy to return itself back to you.


These emotions we carry with us are like little ghosts that linger with us energetically. They want to be witnessed as they are released. This all ties into the beautiful synchronicity between our inner world and our outer world. Remembering that each and every person that we interact with is the same self reflecting itself; it is presumed by the yogi that every person we interact with is a teacher, helping us to align ourselves with our infinite potential.

Tantric yoga is renowned for finding its origins in sex. However, Tantra is not infatuated with just the orgasm. Tantric yoga sees obsession with the orgasm as incredibly limiting, instead it aims to expand the orgasm. I was brought up Christian and went to all girls Catholic boarding school, so when I dove headlong into a disciplined yoga practice, I really set myself up for a big surprise. I was obsessed with being able to sit in lotus, little did I know I was opening up the most sensual gateways of consciousness and reclaiming my own universal right to FEEL.

I had no idea I could feel that much. It is the most blissful experience, gently opening up your body to receive infinite love. They tell you that we practice yoga to make the body a fit vehicle for the spirit. They don’t tell you how amazing the spirit feels! Truth is something that must be experienced, and I am so grateful that we must feel the love again. Once enough of the emotional baggage is released, we free up this space to let in kundalini.

The lovers truly are within. Yes, having an actual lover to help create the spark is helpful at the beginning of our journey moving the divine serpent up the spine, but it is up to the yogi to draw the energy up the spine by balancing ida and pingala and using the bandhas, energy locks. The energy locks are unions between the chakras.

For now, know that mula bandha is the union between root chakra and sacral chakra. This is the firming of the pelvic floor. It feels a lot like holding it in when you have to go to the bathroom. For you fellas out there, it feels like moving your member. You can engage this bandha at the end of the inhalation. In your practice also be aware of your pelvic bowl, bringing it into alignment is of utmost importance for drawing energy up the spine. Tilting the bowl will literally result in the leaking of your own energy. The same is true off of the mat.

Yogis that are aware of their energetic channels and energy locks can experience pleasurable bursts of energy throughout the whole chakra system. The word “orgasm” doesn’t really do these sensations justice. Once you’ve learned how to connect to your kundalini energy, the need for a lover begins to diminish. That’s not to say that you don’t appreciate a lover when they come along! But you don’t go out of your way looking for them; the incessant desire to be loved by another doesn’t rule your life anymore.

Shiva ShaktiWhen we begin to realize the infinite potential of our ability to really FEEL with all that is, the question of our “sexuality” is going to seem ludicrous. The desire to have physical sex with another person falls away as we FEEL into our oneness with the universe. The whole universe is loving you in this moment, how much love are you willing to let in?

Brahmacharya is one of the yamas, or outward observances. It has been translated as “continence,” but that is an inadequate translation. Brahmacharya means dwelling in Brahman. It is remembering that you are Brahman, creating your own existence each and every moment. Giving birth can be an extremely orgasmic experience. We are giving birth to each and every moment, infinite times. Sacral chakra is our center for creation.

Everyone is creative. Even if you don’t think you are creative, upon exploring hip openers, you may find yourself wanting to express yourself. Creativity is an essential aspect of being. When you are flowing in the divine cosmic flow you are a part of creation in it’s awesome transient ever changing vastness. Release the idea of having the quality of creativity and just be it, let the energies that begin to flow through you flow you.

There are so many things blocking us from experiencing the present moment fully. We must acknowledge that we are a culmination of our childhood experiences, ancestral history, and past life experiences. Not only that, but we are all one infinite soul. Anything felt by anyone at any point in time is felt by all. Working on bringing this chakra into alignment is so healing on so many levels. We don’t need to carry these things with us anymore. As we release them we allow ourselves to FEEL into the eternal present more fully; fully embodied in the here and now.

At first, you might be a little upset to have inherited so much to release. However, let’s bring our focus to the word “release.” This work does not have to be agonizing. Quite the contrary. It can feel absolutely sensational to release all of this debris that we’ve amassed in our path to realizing our unity. We are made up of the stories that we tell ourselves, so as we delve deeply into the tissues of the hips, these stories unravel so that we can release them, making space for something new.

To get to that bliss, ironically we have to revisit all of those times that we wrote in separation. All can be forgiven, when we remember that all transgressions, no matter how horrific, were still a manifestation of love misdirected. Remembering that as we continue to open up space, we are also intrinsically doing work for the collective consciousness of humanity, helping to heal all of the past infractions the Self made upon itself.

St Therese of Avila

The only way I could release the guilt and shame that began to accumulate as I began to feel more and more pleasurable in my practice was remembering how the saint’s would speak of ecstatic rapture of the spirit. St Teresa of Avila spoke of these moments of ecstatic rapture. Our bodies are temples. It is our role as priests and priestesses to take care of our temple, to love it fully. Reactivation of our temple is meant to feel this good. As you release more and more of what no longer serves your highest and best, let the love flood in.

Sigmund Freud’s works have inherently become a part of the underpinnings of our thought forms. Freud is famous for asserting that we have a multitude of sexual attractions between each other that are underlying our interpersonal relationships. I believe that on a certain dimension, we are all already one. We can connect to this dimension at any time, and it doesn’t even require the exchange of fluids. The yogi strives to merge the coitus of their ego with the absolute.

Humanity has blocked itself off from receiving kundalini energy for far too long. Don’t trouble yourself with who created the widely accepted thought forms that have hindered us all from connecting to our universal right to feel with all that is. We are them, we created these blockages ourselves out of fear. It’s time to collectively release our fears and recreate our interpersonal relationships in pure love.

It is our universal right to feel at one with all that is. It is our universal right to feel supreme bliss and ecstatic joy. It is our universal right to rise up into our highest vibrational frequency, to remember how orgasmic our oneness truly feels. The most exciting part about this unfolding process is we purposefully forgot how we evolve back into highest alignment, we must surrender to the process, surrendering to our highest Self. Releasing all preconceived notions of what love is supposed to feel like.












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